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About us

Established in 2005 and conveniently located in Melbourne's outer east; our aim is to be available when other suppliers aren't and  provide equipment at a reasonable price. We have just received a new shipment of alloy split limb Compound bows the bare bow is only $195. Have in stock several recurve bows with various coloured risers. I also have a fond interest in Longbows,(which I design and make from local and imported materials), as well as imported longbows, we can be contacted at any reasonable hour by telephone.  If not in the shop we will contact you ASAP on receiving any communication.

How to fletch arrows

We have in stock a large range of Compound, Recurve and Longbows, Horsebows, arrows, quivers, nocks, vanes, sights, scopes, points, arrow rests, etc. and tools. Also in stock many natural barred turkey feathers for those who want the 'real deal" on their longbow arrows. I believe we have in stock at all times enough accessories to outfit the junior to experienced archer, whatever your chosen field of Archery. Chris, the owner, is a member of Yering District Archers and is available for advice on your equipment requirements along with many other experienced archers most Saturdays at the club grounds near the Lilydale airport. You will find our club very family oriented.

If you have a bow or equipment in mind give me a ring and I'll see if I can better your quoted price!

If you are interested, curious, want to try out a bow before you buy I have a 20m range. Give us a call we almost certainly have what you need.

Chris Shooting Stance


Just arrived 30-50# compound bows, split limbs,twin cam in red, blue, silver, black and camo. Fully adjustable without bow press. Super Deal price $245. ready to shoot. Barebow has peep sight fitted. $195 (Not the Redzone bow pictured below)

Easton - Jazz Arrows


Easton - Jazz Arrows 1716,1816,1916

All stocked $7.50 complete arrow

 Nock, Point and vanes

$9.00 5" Feather fletched
Quantity Unlimited

  • 2016 Easton Black Gamegetter
  •  $10.00 with 5" fletching


Compound Bow

Harrier XL

REDZONE HARRIER 33 $420 Same equipment as XL above: QUIVER AND ARROWS NOT INCLUDED, 3 Brush Arrow rest, stabilizer, knock point, five pin sight (Fibre Optic), self aligning peep sight, braided sling and ''d' loop if required.




Here at Mt Evelyn Archery Supplies we carry:
Bow Manufacturers: Accessories:
  • Redzone
  • Viper 60# Ragim longbows available 
  • Cartel recurves: Xpert, Infitec, Fantom
  • Various longbows, Cobow, Viper.
  • Langbogen and  horsebows
  • Can obtain any brand of bow,
  • Compound, Recurve, Longbow
  • Cartel - Full Range inc - Stabilisers, Scopes, Bow stands, Arrow Rests, Fletching jigs, 
  • Bohning - Full Range inc - Fletchings, Nocks, Glue, Bow wax
  • Easton - Jazz - Arrows
  • Spot Hogg - Arrow Rests
  • Redzone release aids
  • Toxonics - Sights
  • Tru Ball - Release Aides
  • Bjorn - Fita Target Faces
  • Brownell - Bowstring Material
  • Plano - Bow Cases
  • Cavalier - Finger sling
  • Hoyt - Arrow Rests


Contact Us

Chris Clifton

Telephone: (03) 9736 4447

Mob: 0412654756


BH: Any reasonable hour. Monday to Saturday

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